• Barcode Printers
    Direct Thermal Barcode Printer, Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer, Portable Barcode Printer, Industrial Barcode Printer & Many  more
    BarcodeBazar has barcode printers for every business needs , various size and print volume. Whether you're printing asset labels from your desk  from a small quantity to a large quantity or in the warehouse making shipping labels all day, we have a printer to meet your needs and budget. No matter the application, we'll get you printing in no time!
  • Barcode Scanners
    USB Barcode Scanner, Handheld Barcode Scanner, Wireless Barcode Scanner, Portable Barcode Scanner, Industrial Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, Mobile Terminal & Many more
    BarcodeBazar will assist you to find the right scanner to meet the demands of your business. From retail to warehousing, BarcodeBazar has scanners to read every barcode type in any environment. Laser, area imager, handheld, wand, omni-directional, in-counter, presentation, industrial, cordless/wireless, CCD, and more!
  • Labels and Tags
    Direct Thermal Label, Thermal Transfer Label, Barcode Label, Paper Label, Vinyl Label, polyster Label, jewelery labels & More
    BarcodeBazar meet your labeling needs with a full range of stock blank labels for your barcode printer as well as completely pre-printed labels. With options for a variety of sizes, colors, and material types, we have the perfect match for any application. Whether you're making shipping labels, company asset tags, or safety compliance stickers we'll get you the right labels.
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon
    Wax ribbon, Preminum wax ribbon,  Resin ribbon, Wax-Resin Ribbon & Many more
    Wax, resin and wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons compatible with your thermal transfer printer. All popular sizes of thermal transfer ribbon are ready for immediate delivery, with thousands of others available by special order.
  • Receipt Printer
    Receipt Printer,Bill Printer, USB Bill Printer , Thermal Bill Printer, Impact, Portable Bill Printer & Many more
    Restaurants, banks, retail and other heavy-use environments will benefit from our wide selection of high-speed thermal and impact journal, slip, validation and Bill Printer or Receipt Printer. Whether you need a desktop, mobile, or kiosk based Bill printer, we have a model to meet the demands of any business.
  • Card Printers
    BarcodeBazar is an authorized reseller of the leading ID card printer brands. We are dedicated to ensuring that you find the right printer for your needs. You'll always receive award-winning service from our ID professionals.  For more information of the ID Card Printers, Aadhar Card Printers, RSBY, EPIC printers please contact us.
  • Card Printer Ribbons
    BarcodeBazar stocks the largest selection of ID card printer, Aadhar card Printers, RSBY Printer, UIDAI printer supplies from Fargo, Evolis, Zebra,Datacard.Our Printer supplies includes Fargo Ribbons, Zebra Ribbons, Evolis Ribbons, Datacard Ribbons, YMCKO Full Panel color ribbons, YMCKO half panel ribbons,YMCK Ribbon, YMCKK Ribbon, YMCKOK Ribbon,  Black ribbons, Monochrome ribbons, Cleaning cards, cleaning kit, 
    Whatever your ID Card printer brand, we have your ID card printer supplies.
  • Industrial Inks
    BarcodeBazar manufactures high quality custom and specialty industrial ink and fluids for all your industrial printing needs. We select our dyes and pigments from the finest materials and we are the biggest ink manufacturers in Dwarka Delhi India. we run our industrial ink products through quality assurance tests to ensure that our customers enjoy reliable replacement products that are compatible and effective with their industrial printing equipment and also cost less than competitor brand names.
    We offer a wide range of industrial ink such as Industrial Ink Jet Printer Inks, Videojet printer inks, Domino inks, Marking Inks, Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) Printer Inks, Wide Format Inks, Imaje Printer ink, Linx printer ink, Citronix inks.
  • EAS Anti Theft System
    BarcodeBazar Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are designed to help retailers boost their sales and protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft. 
    Anti Theft System, EAS System, Retail Security System, RFID Security System, Square Hard Tag, A.M. Technology, RF Technology, Round Hard Tags, Lanyard wire, Jewellery Tag, Pencil Tag, Eas Antennas, Magnetic Detacher, Deactivator, Soft labels ,Garment store anti theft system, Jewelry store anti theft system.
  • Ferrule Printers

    BarcodeBazar is the leading supplier and the exporter of the Ferrule Printing machines, Canon Ferrule printer, Canon MK 2500, Canon MK 1500, Canon Ink Ribbon, Tapes, PVC Tubes, Indomax Ferrule printer, Letatwin Max 390 A, 380 E, Ferrule Printer service, Ferrule printer Repair

  • RFID Solutions
    BarcodeBazar RFID solutions enables you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking information, you'll always know where your critical business assets are. RFID handheld readers, RFID fixed readers, RFID antennas, RFID cards, RFID tags, RFID printers, RFID Labels, Windshield labels, RFID event management, RFID attandance system, RFID Boom Barrier.
  • Label Printers

    Label Printers, Handheld Label Printers, Portable label printers, Dymo label printer, Dymo label manager, Dymo LW, Dymo LR, Epson Label Printer, Epson Labelworks LW, Brother Label Printer, Brother QL, Dymo Tapes, Brother tapes, Epson Tapes, Dymo Service, Epson Service, Brother Service Center, Repair India

  • Passbook Printers

    Barcode Bazar is the authorized distributor of Epson Passbook Printers, TVS passbook Printers, Olivetti Passbook printers. The Epson passbook printer ribbon,  TVS passbook Printers Ribbon, Olivetti Passbook printer Ribbon and Dotmatrix passbook printer Ribbon are always there in our stock. We provide both the onsite and offsite service for TVS, Epson & Olivetti.

  • POS Solutions

    Barcode Bazar Distributor supplier of Cash Drawers, Cash Registers, Touch terminals, POS Terminals, Pole display in Delhi India. Distributor of Posiflex, TVS, Casio and service center.

  • Card Solutions

    Manufacturer of the PVC Cards, MAgnetic Strrip cards, Pre printed cards,Proximity cards, Adhesive Cards, Smart chip cards, Mifare cards in delhi India. Barcode Bazar is also the Distributor for the Smart card Reader, Magnetic Card Reader and the Access control systems in India. Place the order in Bulk to the Barcode Bazar surely you will get the lowest prices in th

  • Aadhar UID Devices
    Aadhar UID devices are various electronic devices such as Aadhar kit, fingerprint device, gps devices which are used for the aadhar enrollment purposes. Various brands available for aadhar devices are cogent, morpho, crossmatch, l1, startek, gstar gps, UGR86 Gps and many more.
  • Covid 19 Equipments

    As the Pandemic Covid 19 is spreading day by day in the world into the large extent, to overcome the spread of the corona virus and help the people to escape from the virus Barcode bazar had jumped into the industry of the Covid -19 health equipmemts to save the people from the spread of the corona virus by manufacturing PPE kits, Masks, non contact infrared digital thermameters, gloves, senitizer etc.....and many more.

Barcode Solutions
Barcode Printers, Labels & Tags, Barcode Scanners, Thermal ribbons, Label Printers, Barcode Registration, Receipt Printer etc.
Software Solutions
POS Software, Asset Tracking, Warehouse Management, Mobile terminal Software, Inventory Management, Label Designer etc.
Printing Solutions
Ferrule printers, Card Printers, Passbook Printers, ribbons, cartridge, industrial Inks, Offset Printing, Label Printing etc.
Security Solutions
EAS Anti Theft Systems, RFID Security, RFID Cards, Proximity Cards, Mifare Cards, Access Control, Biometric Systems etc.
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We introduce Barcode Bazar as one of the leading Printing & Security solution provider company in India. Established in 2015, we are engaged in providing state of the art of Barcode solutions, Card Printing Solutions, . more
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